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demo animations

camera flight description:
A camera flight through an artifical room following a ball.
This is a "historic" animation. It was the first demo for AniTMT.
modelling: Martin Trautmann, Manuel Moser
animation: YouTube video
source: flight_camera.tar.gz (8 kB) or flight_camera.tar.bz2 (8 kB)
robot description:
A simple robot, but very nice too. There are two versions: One with a static camera, another with the camera turning.
modelling: Manuel Moser
animation: YouTube video with static camera and rotating camera
source: robot.tar.gz (7 kB) or robot.tar.bz2 (6 kB)
chess description:
The first moves of a chess game
modelling: POV-Ray demo scene, Martin Trautmann, Manuel Moser
animation: YouTube video
sourcen: chess.tar.gz (49 kB) or chess.tar.bz2 (42 kB)
iaflight description:
A plane starting and flying arround. With very detailed modelling of the planes.
modelling: Ian Armstrong, changes for animation: Manuel Moser, Martin Trautmann, Jan Theofel
calculation: computer room of the Gymnasium Renningen, Germany
animation: YouTube video
gotime description:
Two trains pass a bridge at night. Nice light and water effects.
modelling: Gena Uboko, changes for animation: Manuel Moser
calculation: Compap alpha cluster
animation: YouTube video
lego description:
Lego(tm) stones are produced and ... Our personal short Toy Story.
modelling: Manuel Moser
calculation: Compay alpha cluster
animation: YouTube video

nuts description:
Dancing nuts. What these technical libraries can be good for ...
modelling: Manuel Moser with a nut lib by Marc Schimmler
animation: YouTube video