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Our targets for AniTMT

Calling a project like AniTMT into being requires the definition of clear goals. The following are our goals concerning both the program itself and our project in general.

Goals for the software package:

  1. AniTMT needs a powerful basis of functions usable not only directly but by other programs as well.
  2. The user interface are textfiles.
  3. The users may chose what parameters they want to set (if there are several possibilities, that is). The program will automatically calculate the other parameters.
  4. As the program will need much calculation power, it will support distributed calculating in networks.
  5. It is independent from operation system and other programs.
  6. It is free software.
  7. The raytracing part is based on POV-Ray, because POV-Ray does not interfere with the goals mentioned above.
  8. All programs are modular so that they can be extended without difficulty Support of other raytracing programs and other ein/ausgabeformate can thus be implemented easily.

Long-term goals for our project

  1. Building up a worldwide developer community (as other open source projects have one)
  2. Support of graphic modellers (e.g. Giram)
  3. Support of other programs (e.g. rasmol)
  4. Focus on home users
  5. Become popular in the professional areas as time goes on
  6. Definition of a standard for descriptions of animations
  7. Integrate AniTMT into FFP (Free Film Project) and FAMP (Free Animation And Modelling Project)